World entering 'most dangerous' decade, warns Putin

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"Ahead is probably the most dangerous, unpredictable and at the same time important decade since the end of the Second World War," Putin told members of the annual Valdai Discussion Club, in a lengthy question-and-answer session.The situation was "to a certain extent revolutionary", he said, describing the Ukraine offensive as simply part of the "tectonic shifts of the entire world order". "The historical period of undivided dominance of the West in world affairs is coming to an end," said Putin. "The unipolar world is becoming a thing of the past.While the West was still "desperately" trying to govern humanity, it was not able to. "Most peoples of the world no longer want to put up with it," he said.And the Russian president characterised the current crisis as a battle for survival for Russia. "We are in favour," said Putin.
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China Covid curbs disrupt production at world's biggest iPhone...

"Health and safety measures for employees (are) being maintained," the Taiwanese electronics maker said, adding that it was "providing the necessary guarantees for livelihoods, including material supplies, psychological comfort and responsive feedback".The company did not specify how many staff were affected by the outbreak but said it was a "small number" and that unsubstantiated online rumours of tens of thousands of infections were "patently false". "At present, the epidemic prevention work in Zhengzhou is progressing steadily, and the impact... is controllable," the statement said. "The operating outlook for this quarter remains unchanged," it added.There were signs of further tightening in Beijing, with the capital's Universal Resort theme park saying on Wednesday that it had "closed temporarily... to implement epidemic control requirements". "We will continue to evaluate the impact on operations and work hard to restore them as soon as possible", the resort said on its official Weibo social media account, without giving a timeline for reopening.- Inhalable vaccine -Chinese authorities have shown little willingness to ease Covid measures even as the number of daily cases has diminished, with Japanese investment bank Nomura estimating this week that more than 200 million people are under some form of enhanced restrictions.In the northwestern city of Xining -- home to 2.5 million -- residents complained on social media about grinding stay-home measures, with some making accusations of underreported cases that AFP was unable to verify. "Xining is like Shanghai in April," wrote one Weibo user, referencing the months-long lockdown that triggered isolated protests in the eastern megacity earlier this year.But Shanghai's situation has since improved, and officials there began rolling out an inhalable Covid vaccine on Wednesday in what is thought to be the first such campaign in the world.The vaccine -- produced by Tianjin-based manufacturer CanSino Biologics -- was approved by domestic regulators last month and is being administered as a booster for those who have previously received a jab.Jordan News

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Rushdie lost sight in eye, use of hand in attack — agent

MADRIDاضافة اعلان— Author Salman Rushdie lost vision in one eye and was left “incapacitated” in a hand after he was stabbed in the US in August, his agent said in an interview published this weekend.The 75-year-old writer, who had received several death threats after the publication of his The Satanic Verses, was stabbed several times in the neck and abdomen before he was due to give a talk in the state of New York.Rushdie was then air-lifted to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery, but his condition had improved in the weeks after.“He’s lost the sight of one eye... He had three serious wounds in his neck. One hand is incapacitated because the nerves in his arm were cut. And he has about 15 more wounds in his chest and torso,” Andrew Wylie told Spanish daily El Pais, providing an update on Rushdie’s health.The injuries “were profound... it was a brutal attack”, Wylie added.He would not give any information about the writer’s whereabouts, or whether he was still in hospital, but said: “He’s going to live.”The British author had lived in hiding for years after Iran’s first supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini ordered his killing for what he deemed the blasphemous nature of The Satanic Verses.The main suspect, Hadi Matar, a 24-year-old from New Jersey with roots in Lebanon, was arrested immediately after the attack on Rushdie. He then pleaded not guilty during a hearing in New York state in mid-August.The attack sparked outrage in the West, but was praised by extremists in Muslim countries like Iran and Pakistan.Jordan News

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Rishi Sunak to become Britain’s new prime minister

LONDONاضافة اعلان‘Dire straits’‘Profound crisis’— Former finance minister Rishi Sunak on Monday won the battle for leader of Britain’s Conservative party and will become the country’s first prime minister of color.Penny Mordaunt, the last rival left after Boris Johnson dramatically pulled out, failed to secure the necessary 100 nominations from her fellow MPs.“Rishi Sunak is therefore elected as leader of the Conservative party,” senior backbencher Graham Brady said, as Mordaunt pledged her “full support” for Sunak.Sunak’s triumph came after Johnson’s decision late Sunday to abandon his political comeback bid.Just weeks after he lost out to Liz Truss to lead the ruling Tories, Sunak therefore pulled off a stunning reversal in fortunes.The contest, triggered by outgoing leader Truss’s resignation on Thursday, had required candidates to secure the support of at least 100 Conservative MPs by 2pm on Monday.Only Sunak made the threshold, Brady announced.Sunak, a wealthy Hindu descendant of immigrants from India and East Africa, had crossed that threshold by Friday night, and amassed nearly 200 public nominations — more than half the parliamentary Tory party.Johnson’s withdrawal from the race — before he had even formally announced his candidacy — left cabinet member Mordaunt the only other declared contender.However she failed to garner the necessary support, putting an abrupt end to the contest.If she had, the race would have been decided by the party’s roughly 170,000 members in an online vote, with the result not announced until the end of the week.When he was chancellor of the exchequer, in November 2020, Sunak marked the occasion by lighting oil lamps on the front step of the chancellor’s official residence at 11 Downing Street.The Tories were forced into their second leadership contest since the summer due to Truss’ resignation after only 44 days following a disastrous market response to her tax-slashing minibudget.She had replaced Johnson in early September following a government revolt led by Sunak over a slew of scandals, most notably the “Partygate” controversy involving COVID-19 lockdown-breaching parties.Johnson’s attempt to make an immediate return to Downing Street had raised the prospect of months of disarray and disunity within the ruling Conservatives.Critical backbench Tory MPs warned there could have been a wave of resignations under Johnson’s renewed leadership, which might have led to the general election demanded by opposition parties. One is not due for at least two years.Johnson had cut short a Caribbean holiday to return to Britain on Saturday.But in a sign of his diminished political standing, Johnson abruptly conceded late Sunday, admitting “you can’t govern effectively unless you have a united party in parliament.”“I believe I have much to offer but I am afraid that this is simply not the right time,” he said, while insisting he had secured the 100 nominations needed to progress.Sunak was quick to pay tribute to Johnson, tweeting: “I truly hope he continues to contribute to public life at home and abroad.”Mordaunt had insisted she was best placed to take the fight to the opposition Labour party, which is soaring in the polls.In an article in the right-wing Daily Telegraph, she also stressed her commitment to a “lower-tax, high productivity economy”.Sunak kept a lower profile, writing simply on his Twitter account that the country faced a “profound economic crisis”.“I want to fix our economy, unite our party, and deliver for our country,” he said.Labor is demanding a general election now.“Tory MPs are set to hand Rishi Sunak the keys to No 10 (Downing Street) without him saying a single word about how he’d govern,” tweeted Angela Rayner, deputy Labor leader.Jordan News

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Pakistan orders inquiry into killing of journalist in Kenya

اضافة اعلانISLAMABAD — Pakistan will hold a formal inquiry into the killing in Kenya of a top TV news anchor who fled the country to avoid sedition charges, the prime minister said Tuesday.Arshad Sharif, a strident critic of Pakistan’s powerful military establishment and supporter of former premier Imran Khan, died when Kenyan police opened fire on his car at a roadblock outside the capital at the weekend.Kenyan officials say it was a case of mistaken identity, as officers thought they were firing on a stolen vehicle involved in an abduction.“I have decided to form a Judicial Commission to hold an inquiry into the killing of journalist Arshad Sharif in order to determine the facts of the tragic incident in a transparent and conclusive manner,” Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif tweeted on Tuesday.Mainstream and social media in Pakistan were rife with speculation that Sharif, who had spoken publicly about death threats against him, had been deliberately targeted.“It was a planned assassination,” tweeted Shireen Mazari, a Khan loyalist and cabinet minister in his previous government, calling the official version of events a “lie”.“We know, you know so don’t in our time of grief add to our anger also.”Sharif fled the country in August, days after interviewing senior opposition politician Shahbaz Gill, who said junior officers in Pakistan’s military should disobey orders that went against “the will of the majority”.The comment led to the news channel being briefly taken off air and an arrest warrant issued for Sharif.Gill was detained following the interview, and Khan’s criticism of the judiciary over the detention led to his own appearance in court.Pakistan has been ruled by the military for several decades of its 75-year history and criticism of the security establishment has long been seen as a red line.It is ranked 157 out of 180 countries in a press freedom index compiled by Reporters without Borders, with journalists facing censorship and intimidation.The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said the establishment had “a long, grim record of violent tactics to silence journalists”.Journalist Hamid Mir, who has survived at least two assassination attempts, cautiously welcomed the inquiry.“Please remember that a judicial commission comprising three supreme court judges was announced in 2014 to investigate assassination attempt on my life in Karachi,” he tweeted.“I got six bullets. Eight years have been passed and I am still waiting for the commission report.”The killing has also sparked outrage and suspicion in Kenya, where earlier this month, President William Ruto disbanded a police unit accused of extrajudicial killings, and vowed to overhaul the country’s security forces.Sharif’s body was due to be returned to Pakistan on Wednesday, his wife tweeted.Jordan News

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Doctors in public sector demand higher bonuses

AMMANاضافة اعلان— A video circulating on social media for the past two days showed a verbal altercation between public sector doctors and members of the Jordanian Medical Association council at a scientific forum held on Friday, during which the former were demanding fair rewards from the association.According to the JMA spokesman Hazem Al-Qaraleh, doctors in the public sector claim that the bonuses for the medical sector “are unfair”, and that they were neglected in the last amendment on bonuses for the medical sector.Qaraleh told Jordan News that the “altercation happened between two doctors only, and unlike what it showed in the viral video, the situation settled down quickly”.He also said that four committees were formed to discuss the doctors’ demands with Ministry of Health officials, “and they have already started working and getting results”.Among the doctors’ most prominent demands are to an increase in professional bonuses, from the present 160 percent to 200 percent for general practitioners, an increase in the sabbatical bonuses for doctors from 35 percent to 70 percent, as well as separating the doctors’ incentive fund from that of the other professions.According to a doctor who witnessed the altercation, and who spoke to Jordan News on condition of anonymity, said that the association “failed to meet the doctors’ demands, and, as a result, doctors gave the association till Friday to get a response from the Ministry of Health”.“It does not make any sense that the difference between a doctor’s basic salary and that of a nurse should be JD18. Nursing is an honorable job, however, the whole responsibility falls on the doctors, therefore a serious change needs to happen,” he said.Former JMA president, Maisam Akrosh, told Jordan News that the current demand is for doctors to get fair bonuses, “but their ultimate demand is to have a special system separate from that of the Civil Service Bureau”.Jordan News

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Companies face losses, closure because of compulsory vehicle i...

AMMANاضافة اعلان— The former director of the Jordanian Federation of Insurance Companies , Maher Al-Hussein, said that four insurance companies have been liquidated recently, citing compulsory insurance of vehicles as the main reason for companies’ losses, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.Hussein said on Monday that the four companies are now legally liquidated, with the announcement published in the Official Gazette , but those entitled to compensation have not received anything yet.According to him, the total losses of insurance companies because of compulsory insurance of vehicles since 2001 until today exceed JD370 million.All companies that have gone bankrupt or are currently suffering, he said, deal in car insurance, which constitutes no less than 97 percent of their insurance portfolio.Hussein stressed that between 100,000 and 200,000 people are directly or indirectly affected by the bankruptcy of an insurance company.He said that the criterion used to measure an insurance company’s ability to meet its obligations is the so-called solvency margin standard, which should be equal to 150 percent of its obligations. He added that there are insurance companies that have a solvency margin of less than 150 percent, and even less than 100 percent.“If the central bank wants to objectively apply the solvency margin, the number of troubled companies will increase,” Hussein said.“Insurance companies lose a huge amount by underwriting compulsory insurance on vehicles,” he added.He indicated that insurance premiums had increased by 100 percent since 2001, but in contrast, the underwriting has increased by no less than 600 percent, noting that accident rates constitute 6 percent of liabilities undertaken by these companies.“The value of the premium paid by citizens on compulsory insurance is not at all commensurate with the size of the obligations incurred by insurance companies,” Hussein said.He added that “major companies that have a local, Arab, and global presence have many other insurance products that ensure profitability, but such profits turn into losses because of compulsory insurance”.Jordan News

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Ethiopia peace talks open in South Africa

اضافة اعلان‘Peace will prevail’‘Civilians are afraid’JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Peace talks between the warring sides in the brutal two-year-old conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region opened in Pretoria on Tuesday, the South African presidency announced.Led by the African Union (AU) , the talks follow a fierce surge in fighting in recent weeks that has alarmed the international community and triggered fears for civilians caught in the crossfire.They “have been convened to find a peaceful and sustainable solution to the devastating conflict,” Vincent Magwenya, spokesman for South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, told reporters, adding that they would run until October 30.South Africa hopes “the talks will proceed constructively and result in a successful outcome that leads to peace for all the people of our dear sister country,” he said.The dialogue between negotiators from the Ethiopian government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the regional authorities in war-stricken Tigray was launched almost two months to the day since fighting resumed in August, shattering a five-month truce.They are being facilitated by AU Horn of Africa envoy and Nigeria’s former president Olusegun Obasanjo, supported by Kenya’s former leader Uhuru Kenyatta and South Africa’s ex-vice president Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, said Magwenya.There was no immediate comment from the AU, the Ethiopian government, or the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) about the launch of the eagerly-expected process.Diplomatic pressure has ratcheted up in recent weeks to silence the guns in a war which has left millions in need of humanitarian aid and, according to a US estimate, as many as half a million dead.The talks come as federal forces and their allies in the Eritrean army appear to be gaining the upper hand on the ground, seizing a string of towns in Tigray including the strategic city of Tigray in offensives that have sent civilians fleeing.It is impossible to verify developments on the battleground as Tigray — a region of 6 million people — is largely cut off by a communications blackout and access to northern Ethiopia is severely restricted.An initial AU effort to bring the two sides to the negotiating table earlier this month failed, with diplomats suggesting logistical issues and a lack of preparedness were to blame.The Pretoria dialogue represents the first publicly announced talks between the rivals, although a Western official has confirmed that previous secret contacts took place organized by the US in the Seychelles and twice in Djibouti.Abiy first sent troops into Tigray in November 2020, promising a quick victory over the northern region’s dissident leaders, the TPLF, after what he said were attacks by the group on federal army camps.The move followed long-running tensions with the TPLF, which had dominated Ethiopia’s ruling coalition before Abiy came to power in 2018 and sidelined the party.In a rare comment on the conflict last week, Abiy — who won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for his rapprochement with Eritrea — said the war “would end and peace will prevail”.But on Monday, Tigray’s leader Debretsion Gebremichael issued a defiant statement saying: “The Tigray army has the capacity to defeat our enemies totally.”The international community has been calling for an immediate ceasefire, humanitarian access to Tigray and a withdrawal of Eritrean forces , whose return to the conflict has raised fears of renewed atrocities against civilians.Amnesty International on Monday urged the rivals to protect civilians in the face of intensifying hostilities as government forces capture towns in Tigray.“Tigrayan civilians are afraid that the widespread abuses, such as unlawful killings, sexual violence and systematic attacks, that were rampant when the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) and its allied forces were in control of these areas from November 2020 to June 2021, might happen again,” said Muleya Mwananyanda, Amnesty’s director for East and Southern Africa.The Amnesty statement charged that air strikes on Tigray’s capital Mekele and the town of Adi Daero in August and September had “killed hundreds of civilians including children.”It also claimed — without giving sources — that the Eritrean army had in September “extrajudicially executed” at least 40 people, including Eritrean refugees, in the northwestern Tigrayan town of Sheraro.Jordan News

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